Real Time Distributed Self-Learning Industrial Intelligence at the Edge and the Cloud
Security, Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Machine & Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Streaming Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain

IIoT from 0 to 60 in no time!

Why waste money and risk security on the cloud where everything can be done at the edge?

IIoTo's motto

The first and only edge distributed technology in the world that doesn't risk security or waste resources in the cloud

Reaching your IIoT potential doesn't have to be risky and problematic.
IIoTo trivializes the latest technology so you can focus on your industrial business

AI embedded in PLCs

IIoTo's advanced technology has allowed the creation of modern PLCs where the latest AI can reach unparalleled levels never seen before. IIoTo PLCs become part of a distributed network ready to support each other for fascinating results. Upgrade to the new PLC today!


Cyber Security is of the utmost importance.

The best way to protect your data is to keep it where it is at the edge. IIoTo can perform every advanced operation at the edge.

For cases requiring the cloud, IIoTo guards your data like a hawk. By offering multi factor authentication and the higher levels of data encryption, you can rest assured access is rigorously controlled. Being this meticulous, allows for a thorough auditing and logging system.


Edge Analytics on Steroids.

The IIoTo's powerful framework runs at the edge to serve advanced artificial intelligence in real time.

IIoTo edge runs anywhere and it's capable of communicating with the cloud if needed. If you need a small device that can fit in a tight space, we can provide one.


Cloud Agnostic - Deploy anywhere, even your own cloud.

Elasticity in the cloud ensures your analytics is fully comprehensive at any scale. IIoTo's cloud can integrate with your on-premise network for a seamless extension of your enterprise.

Whether you use AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, the IIoTo framework can adjust to your security layers so you can run it in your own private cloud if desired


Visualize the internals of your data network.

Dashboards that show the life of your data open the clear path to understanding your industrial sensors. Explore your dashboards on multiple screens while they get updated as new data comes in.


Machine and Deep Learning is not only for a few experts.

Everyone talks about machine learning these days but they barely scratch the surface if at all. IIoTo's powerful blocks for predictive analytics allows you to apply advanced techniques. Classification, Regression, Clustering and more are all available to get hidden insights in your data.


AIoT is Industrial Ready with IIoTo Edge and Cloud.

Real Artificial Intelligence is readily available on your industrial connected devices. Devices can intelligently respond to events as needed and instructed by advanced neural networks including reinforcement learning.


Advanced Pattern Recognition.

Take advantage of streaming pattern recognition techniques so you can get alerted and react about the business events that matter to you immediately. Complex Event Processing is not reserved only for the experts when IIoTo can easily tackle any task at scale.


Data Streaming Applications.

Real Time sensor monitoring and error detection is readily available as soon as your data is in the IIoTo cloud or edge. Now you don't have to wait forever to diagnose your data landscape. IIoTo will respond to trained events in real time on your terms.


Blockchain Technology.

IIoTo is compatible with the bleeding edge technology. Our proprietary algorithms can take advantage of the distributed ledger known as a blockchain. Achieve true IoT using private Blockchains or even Tangle technology.

Making highly complex AI simple for everyone in industry from the edge to the cloud.

As you have probably found out, building your own Industrie 4.0 solution is quite complex. IIoTo's framework gives you the building blocks you need to gradually create your own intelligence software.

Simple Language

A simple language allows you to customize your IIoTo deployment with techniques like pattern recognition, machine and deep learning.

Training at the Edge

IIoTo is the only platform in the world capable of training neural networks at the edge. Design your own algorithms from multiple data sources

Self Learning

If desired, IIoTo can get smarter on its own as time goes by. You don't need to know how sophisticated techniques like reinforcement learning work.


By creating a network of distributed IIoTo's devices, high availability is easily achieved. This means your clusterized network can recover from node failures on its own while guarding your data.

No Cloud Required

Because you have a highly available and AI capable cluster of IIoTo's edge devices on prem, the cloud is only needed when the data needs to integrate with other systems. You can stay inside your network and still achieve a powerful intelligent infrastructure.

Edge GPUs

AI at the edge is turbocharged by GPUs, access future capabilities in your industry today!

Seize The Data Today! Create Real Time Intelligence

Innovation continues with IIoTo mobile

Same power in the palm of your hand.


Use the OPC UA Standard to understand hidden relationships on your existing sensor data.


Machine level communication via MQTT to the Edge or the Cloud.


Make any ModBus devices part of the AI pipeline.


PLC Controllers can be part of your IIoT infrastructure so they can intelligently respond to events.

OsiSoft PI

Connect to the common data server to mine relationships and reveal new insights.

Custom Connection

Custom connections to industrial robots can leverage the power of AI making their behaviors human like, no more non-sense repetitive tasks.